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Self Assessment & Information Guide

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Within North East Lincolnshire focus independent adult social work C.I.C provides Adult Social Care on behalf of the Local Authority or Council.

'Care and support' is the term we use to describe the help some adults need to live as well as possible with any illness or disability they may have. It can include help with things like washing, dressing, eating, getting out and about and keeping in touch with friends or family.

Struggling to stay independent? Use the online assessment to explore what is available locally to meet your Care & Support needs.

Can't find what you're looking for? You will get the option to send your completed assessment, alternatively come to one of our face-to-face drop-ins, or give us a ring for further advice via the Single Point of Access.

If you would like a Carer's Assessment, visit the Carers Support Centre or please call the Single Point of Access.

Privacy Notice: How We Collect and Use Data

We may ask for personal data such as your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and email address when conducting an Wellbeing Check. We use this data to operate, maintain and provide the features and functionality of the service. The data can be retained by us in order to facilitate audit purposes.

Before you start...

  • This self assessment is for adults (over 18)
  • You can complete it yourself or on behalf of someone else
  • It usually takes around 10-15 mins to complete the first section to get a result
  • You do not have to tell us who you are or share any of your personal details to access information
  • After getting a result, you will have the chance to make a referral to the council for more information

Useful Information

  • Care Act 2014

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION Within North East Lincolnshire focus independent adult social work provide Adult Social Care on behalf of the Local Authority or Council. Where this material refers to 'council' or 'local authority' it refers to focus independent adult social work. To find out more information?

What is your postcode?

The eligibility criteria for adult social care is the same across all councils in England, however to make a referral, we need to establish that you (or the person that you are completing this on behalf of) lives in the local area

Your Results & Referrals

If you have previously completed a Self Assessment & Information Guide, you can sign in here to view your information.

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